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Infantry Mythology and Foot Reflexology

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

President Ronald Reagan used to speak of his father's advice about caring for the feet. The old man was a shoe salesman who pointedly apprised his son of the need to change shoes at least once a day. As a veteran of light infantry forces, I can attest that this makes the feet feel a whole lot better. The President often would sit at his desk and eat jelly bans with his shoes off.

Way back in he day, even long before Reagan, practitioners of the arts, both deadly and healing (yin/yang artistry), were developing their various paradigms about healing gained amidst the hardships and dangers of the warriors quest.

It is said that acupuncture developed because a Samurai or such would get lanced or sliced somewhere and live, and notice that aches and pains in other parts of the body that had persisted for years, magically disappeared. Over centuries the ancients, keen observers of the world's phenomena, began to correlate the wound sites with specific areas and organs elsewhere in the body. This is how meridian theory developed. So they say.

Probably Yeshua/Jesus was well aware of meridians, foot reflexology and chakras. He is reported to have lived over twenty years in Vendhya/:India and no doubt must have been a practitioner of Yoga and its companion martial art, Kalaripayit.

Perhaps Jesus is the same mythical figure Bodhi-harma, reputed to have crossed the Himalayas and spent some time influencing the monks of the Shao Lin temple in China.

Jesus, a natural born infantry medic, no doubt knew some things about the value and care of the feet. Probably knew some things about reflexology. Perhaps the anointing of the feet is symbolic of more than I have yet to hear tell of from any minster.

Back to more recent times...I learned massage at the age of eleven because my dad was a veteran infantry soldier of the Korea and Vietnam engagements, and he was a postman. He pounded a lot of ground in his life.

I learned early that if your gonna massage feet, you might as well go deep. They can take it. They like it. Hence the basis for my early specialization in foot massage, later deep muscle therapy.

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